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COLORING PAGES for Kids Drawing Education

Coloring Pages for Kids Drawing Education can help mother to teach preschoolers sons. In today’s technological era, I think it is necessary to introduce computers to children from an early age, certainly many positive values ??that will be in the can. We can teach our children with something they like in advance, for example, learn coloring pictures on pc (computer), this course will train children’s creativity and the use of the computer itself.

Coloring Pages for Kids

Computers and laptops are no longer a luxury item now, almost every home has a personal computer. There are even some junior high school (JSS) require students to equip themselves with the laptop. For parents who have children educated kindergarten, early childhood and elementary introducing Internet Education since early age for their children to be important in these times, because computer is already part of the educational technology.

So that your children do not get bored in recognizing the following computer I share the majority of children’s games that are educational, a collection of coloring program so that your child needs to play while learning a bit unfulfilled. You need to remember is to guide your child to introduce computers as well, use it positively and keep an eye on them closely so they do not use computers for negative purposes later. Internet is not a bad thing, but the attitude of the behavior of people who use it that makes the Internet becomes worse.

For that, on this occasion, I will share a collection of coloring learning application for children. Software kid coloring this request by one visitor via email. Hopefully, what I share is consistent with that in the request.

Android Applications posted this time is to practice the coloring skills for children. Objects or materials for color images contained in these applications, diverse, ranging from pictures of cute animals, fruits, and so forth.

Here is a collection of applications to learn drawing for your kids.

Ginkgo Paint
Applications Ginkgo Paint is very simple and easy to use, in order for the First of all, you may be able to introduce this ginkgo application on your child.

Kea Coloring Pages
Almost the same as Ginkgo Paint, but much more has a tool for coloring, such as brush, pencil, color composition that is more diverse and much more.

Coloring Book
More or less the same as the Kea Coloring Pages, coloring book app is available from book 1 to book 5.

Coloring Yoo
Coloring Yoo application is already difficult if not accustomed to holding a mouse, if the application before we only select the color and click on the area you want in write, if we have to draw slowly.

Dyeing is a skill that is preferred by many children. Therefore the way of teaching children coloring need to know that our mother easier time to teach children to paint a picture. Childhood usually they are very fond scribble wall or anything if they find a pencil or crayon, nah mothers than they scribbled walls of the house better facilitate their mothers with Free Printable Coloring Pages and tools for drawing and coloring.

At the initial stage we teach children to paint before we teach them to draw or mother can simultaneously teaching coloring and drawing simultaneously but typically it is to be a bit troublesome. In order to get a better result parents can focus on the dye first and then the next stage to teach children how to draw.

Mother here are some ways to teach children coloring:

  • The first is to introduce first base as the colors: black, white, red, yellow, and green.
  • Invite your child to color the picture as simple as drawing triangles, squares, rectangles while the mother introduces the form in children.
  • Further step encourage children to dye animals or plants that pleased him so that the child will be motivated to dye because he liked the picture.
  • If your child likes robots or cars then invite the children to color the picture robot or toy cars favorite.
  • Once the children were delighted with coloring activities apply the rules for coloring pictures neatly do not get out of line, talk to children if the dye out of line will reduce its beauty.
  • Teach also for children to mix colors, do experiment with the child so that the child will feel happy if he finds a new color from the color mixing it can motivate children to continue to color. eg a mixture of all the colors it produces black.
  • Don’t forcing our children to paint when he was bored with these activities allow children to do other activities first and then if the mood was already back then take her coloring again.

A learning site drawing, said that drawing and coloring activity is important for children. Because this activity to train an important function in the development of the physical, emotional, and cognitive. Activities of drawing and coloring are suggestions for children to express themselves with images that he likes, as long as not dictated any images.

If in the old days, in school, the children used to imitate and emulate the ” template ” of the teacher, for example, drawing two mountains, with the sun in the middle. Therefore, in order to guide the children to draw a note.

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Parents or anyone who frequently with the child can take to more frequently drawing and coloring as a way to encourage the development of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive, but in a fun way. Here are some suggestions as educational coloring pages for kids:

  1. Provide free materials for the small drawing, such as paper or a special picture book or a coloring sheets. For coloring tools, look for nontoxic and safe for children.
  2. Be an example. In this case, it does not mean you give an example of an image (dictate) what he had to follow, but by example. That is, show your child that you please and likes drawing and coloring.
  3. Support efforts to draw and color through said pretty colors that he can use, line drawings, and a form that can be attempted by the child. “For example, pretty, yes, purple flowers sister”.
  4. Rather than asking, “Do you draw what is it?”, You should ask, “Tell Mama to all that is in your image, the dong.” Why? Because when you ask such a question first, the child will catch him with the question “It was a picture of what the hell? Mama baseball understand.” That question made ??him feel have made ??a mistake and there is a possibility he would be ashamed to draw again because he felt he had failed to draw.
  5. Teach the concept of engineering. For example, thick, thin, wide, narrow, dark, light, angles, shapes, contours, and so on.
  6. Do not forget to appreciate his work. For example, by gluing the results of the drawing on the refrigerator door, or framed and displayed in the room that could be seen by many people. Show your relatives, neighbor, or relative who come, occasionally praise his work. This will encourage the confidence of the child.
  7. Give your child the opportunity to choose the subjects he wanted a picture and coloring sheets that she wanted. Some people consider that the coloring sheets will impede the creativity of children. However, this activity also plays a vital role in developing the fine motor skills of children. Even the coloring activities can encourage the child to feel free to start drawing and coloring to want to take crayons and start trying to color the favorite characters. For example, children who had been reluctant to want to start drawing and coloring will be easier to launch this initiative with the requested coloring his favorite cartoon character.

You can download coloring pages for preschoolers on the favorite cartoon sites. Interest? Just choose Animal Coloring Pages for Kids and get your sheets easily. Do not forget to always accompany children while they are drawing and coloring, for children who are still too small can choke if she tried to eat the crayons or other coloring tools.

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